Complex services – transport, forwarding, warehousing and workshop

We have long-term experience in international transport services. Furthermore, we also provide forwarding and warehousing services. We also run a workshop where we offer a vast scope of services as well as sell parts, tires and car accessories.

We specialize in transporting across Western Europe and nationwide

We have a well-proven team of qualified drivers and experienced forwarders. We are the role model for communication with Customers and comply with the principle of full information, readiness and accessibility.

We offer complex services for the whole transport-forwarding process, together with warehousing.

Our warehouse is available round the clock. It is roof-covered, heated and equipped with an alarm system. Furthermore, it undergoes constant monitoring supervision. We conduct transshipments 24 hours a day.

We put utmost effort to ensure both safety and high quality of our services. We also conduct a vast scope of workshop services.

We perform repairs and checks of all vehicle models. Furthermore, we sell tires and car accessories. We can take of your vehicle in a complex manner and reliably evaluate its condition. Afterwards, we can recommend all necessary services within the field of mechanics, electricity and electronic services together with vulcanization and repair of trailers.